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O-tus Mini Speaker Features


bike-helmet-features2.jpgIn many states it is illegal to operate a vehicle (yes that includes bikes and skateboards) with earbuds in your ear.

More states are creating legislation every year.  It is dangerous, however, in all 50 states and Canada. O-tus IS the solution!

With O-tus 15 watt near-ear speakers, you can hear background sounds (bikes, cars, emergency vehicles, and your friend’s whining) and have your own personal surround sound stereo. All without long chords to tangle and untangle. 

Why O-tus?

The convenience of stereo speakers on the go! When you listen to music in your home, you can do other things that require listening. Like answer the phone, talk to friends, hear the door bell, the microwave, the smoke alarm etc. O-tus Safe Sounds are the same thing for you on the move. O-tus mounts directional speakers near your ear, not in them. So, you can hear music and other sounds at the same time. Just like in your home!

For more information please send us an email or call 951 252-5780

Protect Your Phone

If you listen to music on your phone while you ride

  • Have you ever dropped your phone while you were riding and watched it skid down the road?
  • Have you ever tangled the chord in your clothes or your helmet or your seat post or handle bars?
  • Have you ever fumbled your phone while trying to answer it?

When you pick your phone up you hope it is in one piece and functioning. With the optional stereo Bluetooth, receiver, you can bury your iPhone™ or Droid™ and Bluetooth compatible phone deep in your back pack or pocket and still have tangle free total control of safe sounds. A stereo Bluetooth the size of a small mp3 player puts tangle free control of the volume, fast forward, skip ahead or back, rewind and answer the phone at the tips of your fingers; all the while your phone can be safely nestled behind your spare tube in your fanny pack. Awesome music, quality sound, convenience and safety.


Apple Product Advisory

To realize full potential of your iPhone, iPod, Nano or Suffle; use the following steps.

(The factory volume settings are too low for projected sound.  The settings can be adjusted in iTunes.)

Open iTunes, in the library of music, left click on first song for which you would like to increase volume. Scroll down to last song hold down the “Shift” key and left click. Hover over the field and right click. Get info becomes an option, right click it. 4 choices appear, click the last, “Options”. Set the volume to max, make any changes to the equalizer that you desire and click “OK”. You will need to “sync” for your changes to take effect.  The next video below is a visual step by step of the process just described.

You should be able to hear the speakers and tell what song is playing and what part of the song is playing if not hear all the words from about 2 feet away when the volume is up all the way.



Stereo Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is an option sold separately that enables you to listen to your phone or ipod. O-tus near-ear speakers have been optimized to project sound to your ears only. Most songs at an average setting will not be heard by those around you until you start to sing along. (Don’t laugh, it happens all the time!) It is time to Hear what you’ve been Missin’!

How and Why to Use a Stereo Bluetooth.

 The Lap Test

In a quiet room, plug your speakers into the Mp3, phone or Bluetooth that you will be using to play your music.  If you have mounted the speakers on a helmet, set it in your lap speakers up, if not, just hold the speakers in your hand pointing up.  If you can hear the music, tell what song is playing and almost tell what part of the song is playing, then your speakers are working at their maximum potential.  If you can not, "Kind of" hear the music, then review the, "Trouble Shooting" guide below.


Trouble   Shooting Try First Try Second
One   Speaker Silent Not repairable Go to the,   "Contact Page" send us an e-mail including your name and address   for a replacement.
One Speaker buzzes Not repairable Go   to the, "Contact Page" send us an e-mail including your name and   address for a replacement.
Not loud enough (Apple products) www.o-tus.com   select Features, then look for Apple Advisory Do   the,"Lap Test."
Not loud enough (Sansa products) In   the Sansa menu, choose equalizer, set to custom, then increase each channel   to max. Do   the,"Lap Test."
Not loud enough (Bluetooth) Plug   the mini speakers directly into phone and do, "Lap Test." www.o-tus.com   select Features, then look for, "Why a Bluetooth Video."
Not loud enough (Droid)  With a device "Paired" to your phone go to "Menu", click on, "Music Player"  hit menu button on phone, tap, "Settings", then tap, "Audio Effects" then tap, "Custom"  Then set each channel to the maxium and touch, "OK"  Plug the speakers directly into the phone and see if the bluetooth deminishes the sound.
Helmet Shape We   have a wedge that can be used to   direct sound directly into ear. Go   to the, "Contact Page" send us an e-mail for a Creepe Foam Wedge.


For more information please send us an email or call 951 252-5780