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How to Install O-tus Mini-Speakers

Congratulations on your purchase of O-tus Safe sound personal speakers.  You have enough gear to wire two helmets to use with your interchangeable speaker system.

Follow these steps

  1. To secure the rectangular snap lock to your helmet; these will mate with the snap lock on your speakers and secure them in place.
  2. Put your helmet on, look in the mirror and mark with an indelible marker the spot on your helmet that is just in front of your ear.
  3. This is the “target” area where you want to place the rectangular snap lock.
  4. Make sure the target area is free of dirt, oil and debris. We recommend cleaning with rubbing alcohol.
  5. Trim the rectangular snap lock with scissors to fit the target area. Leave as large as possible.
  6. Remove adhesive backing from rectangular snap lock. Apply to target area.
  7. The rectangular snap lock is oversized to allow for adjustment of the speaker up, down, in and out. Adjustment is needed for optimal sound quality and fit of helmet.
  8. Aim the speaker chord to the rear of the helmet , then mate the snap lock on the speakers to the snap lock rectangles. Press hard.
  9. Run the chord under the foam padding in your helmet, using the padding to hold the speaker wire in place. Run the jack out the lowest vent.
  10. To remove speakers from helmet, roll speakers while holding the snap lock rectangle in place with index finger.
  11. For general information on how to install mini speakers on most helmets, watch the next video.  For information on older, more difficult or narrow designs, watch the second or trouble shooting video. 

     Video 1 above general installization.  Video 2 below more difficult installizations.


Apple Product Advisory

To realize full potential of your iPhone, iPod, Nano or Suffle; use the following steps.

(The factory volume settings are too low for projected sound.  The settings can be adjusted in iTunes.)

Open iTunes, in the library of music, left click on first song for which you would like to increase volume. Scroll down to last song hold down the “Shift” key and left click. Hover over the field and right click. Get info becomes an option, right click it. 4 choices appear, click the last, “Options”. Set the volume to max, make any changes to the equalizer that you desire and click “OK”. You will need to “sync” for your changes to take effect.  The next video below is a visual step by step of the process just described.

You should be able to hear the speakers and tell what song is playing and what part of the song is playing if not hear all the words from about 2 feet away when the volume is up all the way

A demonstration video is below. 


Adjusting your MP3 for optimal sound.

  1. Adjust equalizer. Most players have sound quality adjustments you can use to improve sound.
  2. Turn the volume up or down on your MP3 player.

Warning - These are Speakers not Earbuds -DO NOT put directly in ears:

These are not earbuds - they are surround sound speakers!  They may fit into your ears, but they are 15 watts and have been optimized to project sound.  Putting them in your ears may cause permanent damage to your cochlea and result in hearing loss.

There are times when music at any volume can be distracting and compromise safety, even if you can hear background noises.  For example, when concentration or communication is paramount to an activity, we advise you evaluate the appropriateness of listening to music before and during participation.

We have tested O-tus in the wind, rain, and snow and have never had any problems.  We have never been in Klondike cold and cannot make any guarantees.  Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or in an overly hot car.  Do not submerse them in water.  These actions void the warranty


For more information, please contact us