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Chuck Jenkins

Words from Chuck-

Ok. Lots of questions. Let me see if I can get them all. Most recently as far as cycling my accomplishments are as follows. 1st place at the US Cup season opener, 3rd overall all mountain pro at the Keyesville Classic, I Crew chiefed a 190 foot cliff side repel (it was really cool), I Extended an extra year in the Navy in the best job ever. My favorite ride has to be the Richards Hollow to Steel Hollow in Logan Canyon in northern Utah. My least favorite is any long boring flat straight road ride. Why do I use Otus? What kind of question is that? Why not? I love them. I like to hear the dirt under the tires. I hate ear buds. I love to be able to talk to my friends and have my tunes as well. They are so easy to use and mount to almost any bike helmet. Especially my new Kali Maraka.

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